Monday, March 23, 2015

Dead Project: Dayglo Necros Figure

Here's a look at a project that may have died on the operating table. Some time between the recording of the Calabrese albums Dayglo Necros and Born with a Scorpion's Touch, the band was thinking of creating an action figure based on the character Dayglo Necros who appears in a couple of their videos:
and Jimmy Calabrese and I went back and forth on the design of the figure. Unfortunatelyjust as things were lining up, The Brothers Calabrese started moving into a heavier more serious sound for their most recent album (Lust for Sacrilege) and a couple of the more playful projects we were working on hit a bit of a roadblock. Sadly Dayglo seems to have been put into limbo for the time being.
Since Jim and I are still thinking of maybe collaborating on some art toys in the future we thought we'd let you see what may have been (could still be).  He'd have been about six inches tall, probably molded in glow in the dark resin or something. like a giant M.U.S.C.L.E thing. And I'd like to hear if you would have been interested in buying one of these Dayglo figures, whether you're a fan of the band or not.
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