Monday, August 30, 2010

MONSTARS: Two from The Lost Skeleton Returns Again! (2008)

A couple bits of fan art of the Monstar variety, two from the sequel to The Lost Skeleton of Cadavera.

and of course the Lost Skeleton Himself.

Both characters belong to Larry Blamire I just really wanted to draw 'em

So I went to the movies ...

Went and saw "the Last Exorcism" yesterday. A couple of teen girls sit directly behind me and my lady, Leigh. the lights go down and the trailers start. I see movement out of the corner of my eye and get a slight wiff of cheese. I turn my head slightly and see a foot on the top of the seat to my right, look over at Leigh and notice a foot on the seat next to her. I turn around and tell the girls they should lower their feet as the smell is not pleasant, they put their feet down and apologize. They engage in some light whispering as the trailers play out.
The movie starts and they clam up. For about ten minutes. They chat quietly for about the first third of the movie. one of them asks the other "is that a phone ringing?' at a point when a phone rings in the film. "Is that a baby crying?" when there is a baby crying on the sound track. 
At one point they leave, I figure because the movie is too intense for their fragile little minds. Sadly it was because they both had to use the washroom. They return. As they take their seats (directly behind me again) one of them asks the other if the character in the movie is doing something that they are clearly doing. I turn to them and ask them to see if its possible to be quiet for the rest of the movie. Of course this is an impossible task for them. Once the movie is over and the credits are scrolling up the screen they get up and leave. Since its customary for Leigh and I to discuss what we thought of the movie as the credits roll we stay seated finish our discussion and get up to leave. As we get to the bottom of the stair case I notice the two girls are still standing behind the light barrier one of them says "hey jerk" and gives me the finger. the other girl says "thanks for ruining the movie for us!" which I of course respond with "your welcome?"

I'm still not really sure how I ruined the movie for THEM. Especially since the only times I spoke during the movie was to explain to them that polite society tends to frown on people speaking during movies and that I didn't pay for a ticket to hear the amateur radio theatre version of the film as the film was playing . The only explanation I can come up with is that one of the girls was severely mentally retarded and needed the other one to explain everything that was happening on screen ("is that a phone ringing?" "is that guy walking around talking to the other characters?" "can you take me to the washroom?") and my asking them not to speak made it impossible for the one girl to understand the complex patterns of light and dark flashing on the giant screen in front of them. So I guess I am a jerk. Oh, well.

The week previous I saw Piranha 3D, I noticed someone in the front row texting and reading e-mails through out  the entire movie, they even needed to switch phones at one point since, I'm guessing, the battery died on the first one they were using. Movies aren't that cheap so I can't figure out why you'd bother paying for a ticket if you don't plan on actually WATCHING the movie. What kind of moron pays $10+ to sit in a dark room with loud noises and giant images playing on a screen just to talk to their friend or read e-mails? don't these people realise there are cafes and parks and stuff like that that are designed specifically so that people have a relatively quite place to conduct conversation?
I just don't get it.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Illustration in the paper also on Web?

Yep a little illo I did for the print version of the Post was re configured and stuff so they could use it on the web I kinda liked the print version better but if you don't have access to that dig THIS! there's another one in the actual paper too of a guy behind a grade school desk. So see sometimes the print versions of things are better than the digital.

here's a version I did before they decided they needed a female as the main character in the piece. I still really like this color scheme, although there is something to be said about the colors in the final version. I worked way too long on getting this one done that I wanna show it too.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Mask

The second pin-up I did featuring the mask from the 'classic' Canadian 3-D flick "THE MASK" (1961). If you've got 3-D glasses put 'em on to get the full effect of the image. It was fun to do so don't be surprised if I try doing this again in the not too distant future. 3–D is boss.

Since next weekend is the Fan-expo in toronto I've gotten to thinking about putting together and art/comic book for next year so that I can get a table at the con and sell some junk, this piece will probably be in that book. If I can figure out a cheapish way to print a full color art book.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sketchin' from life!

Aug. 6 on the subway
Still Aug. 6 on the GO-Train home, I really like how that guy in the lower left turned out
more on the GO-Train

Aug. 9 GO-Train, I think she was doing her taxes
Aug. 12. this guy wouldn't stop staring at me so I figured I'd draw him.
That'll teach 'im.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday the 13th

FIG. A. Jason Voorhees killing spree in the remake of Friday the 13th
Thanks to I just noticed that the graphic Mike Faille and I built of JASON'S KILLING SPREE is still hanging around on the National Post site. Which then reminded me that I also dida quick graphic  of the kills from the remake. I really gotta do more of these for other movies (fig a).

Rough drawing for illustration

So I had to draw a caricature of Pamela Anderson for work. You'll be able to see the final full color version in the National Post this weekend. I'm really happy with the likeness, I don't really like doing caricatures (or spelling that word, its tough) or portraits for that matter, I always worry that the image doesn't look like the person its supposed to be. I got lucky with this one, I was in direct competition with one of the best artists I know.  hope you dig this peek at my process

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Of Monkeys and lessons... or something. I don't know

I've been on a bit of a creative low lately. Kinda finding it hard to stick to a deadline for things that I'm working on for my personal projects. (I apologize to those reading Beach Blanket Bloodbath and the other members of C.L.O.C. they will be continued at least one of them, soonish) And felt like trying something new so I figured I'd buy into one of those JOE KUBERT'S WORLD OF CARTOONING correspondence courses. It looked like it would be fun. Getting critiqued and not having to worry about grades or revisions seemed like an interesting way to practice my skills and maybe learn something new. 
I got the HORROR course (of course what else would I do for fun). I've just completed the first assignment. You had to design a monster. I took one of my old creatures, you may remember him from the SOMETHING A GO GO classick THEY CAME TO KILL US. I'll post the assignments as I finish them so you can see what I do. I won't  post the critiques (they might be too depressing to share) but I might complain about them. Anyway enough reading look at the pretty picture.

I called him Albert since most of the monkeys sent into space were supposedly called Albert. 
It was weird doing a drawing in normal pencil I'm really used to drawing in weird colors. Drawing in graphite feels really strange now. It might be a fun new media to try for other drawings I do. I've got a few more sketches I've done while in transit to work, I'll probably post them this week. Hopefully I'll post some other drawings too, you never know.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

House by the Cemetary (1981): Dr. Freudstien

Everyones favorite maggot blooded weird doctor guy from Lucio Fulci's indescribable HOUSE BY THE CEMETARY.
 Decent enough movie, slightly more coherent than The Beyond or City of the Living Dead (Gates of Hell) the other two parts in the Fulci end of the world trilogy.
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