Friday, July 27, 2012

Kubert School Horror Assignment 5: The Final Chapter

So I finally got around to finishing my final assignment in the Kubert Correspondence School's Horror course.
It was a lot fun going through the assignments, the critiques were pretty informative and mostly helpful. I'm still thinking of taking the inking course just to brush-up a bit more pen and ink/ brush techniques. its been a long time since I've used those things to create art.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Unused art: CALABRESE

I'm sure you already own the new Calabrese CD: Dayglo Necros. So you've seen all the amazing art I did for that album. what you see above was my original pitch for the actual Physical CD.
Even though they really dug this art they wisely decided that tentacles are a thing of the past. I completely agreed and did a whole new design. there's still three skulls, but now they're buried in a mountain of evil rats. You should look at the CD right now and see how beautiful that art turned out. You mean you haven't bought Dayglo Necros yet? What's wrong with you. Go buy it NOW!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Whatever knows fear burns at the touch of ...

One of my colleagues at work and I have been joking that now that they've basically run the Marvel Zombie thing into the ground we should try pitching the story line where a strange force enters the Marvel Universe and turns all the superheroes into Draculas. Not vampires mind you, vampires have been done to death as much as zombies. They are turned into cape wearing, widow's peaked, dracula medaled full on Draculas. This was the first Marvel Dracula I thought of. Dracula thing.
I hope you enjoy it.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Is there REALLY nothing left?

For Kagan Mcleod
So last night I get together with my gang for our usual movie night. We've been doing movie nights since college, we'd get together and watch some weird horror or kung fu flick and have a few laughs. Recent movie nights we've been running into a disturbing problem, its beginning to look like we've seen everything worth watching in those genres. We usually track down weird sometimes obscure movies to sate our crazy movie appetites (last night we watched Without Warning, last movie nite was Unmasked part 25) but we're noticing that the movies are less and less entertaining. It seems the days of discovering gems like the works of H.G. Lewis and Lucio Fulci are gone. Instead of movies filled with crazy plots and insane gore, we're wading through long stretches of talking with very little payoff in the end. There was so little of the alien hunter in Without Warning it could have been called Without Monster. Is it time we moved on to some new genres? Is there anything Post 1990 worth getting into in the realm of monster movies and action?
It was always cool discovering these movies as a gang but I think the new rule of movie night has to be that someone has already seen the movie and can vouch for the awesomeness of it.  If any of you reading this have some suggestions for movies to track down let me know I'd appreciate it.
For Mike Faille

Oh the art attached to this post were my halves of art trades we did that night. Enjoy.

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