Thursday, September 9, 2010


I got my critique for my first Kubert Correspondence Course Horror assignment (which I talked about here) back, they said the space monkey wasn't horror enough. so I figured since I've gotta use him for a few more of the assignments I'd take a moment and creep him up a bit more using a few of the suggestions from the critique. Weirdly the critiquer (is that even a word) got rid of the space suit for his draw over, the suggestion even said that knowing how to draw the space suit dosen't add to the horror (in reference to the little head turn around that you can see in that  image if you go to the previous link.

ah, well hope you dig this version of him.


  1. Ha! I would think that the crit would have focused more on technique rather than the postulating that a space monkey fails to encapsulate "horror."

    I could see the above pic as a part of a deterioration of the original monkey which is cool. Either way, I like both designs. Did you just take the one course or will there be another assignment?

  2. Awesome monkey.

    Eh, your 'critiquer' probably just has an old-fashioned, EC Comics style idea of what horror should be. All slime and rotting corpses and lots of detail.


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