Friday, October 29, 2010


So the National Post once again let me do an entire page graphical thing dedicated to horror. this time the theme was the Saw movies. If you are reading this on Oct. 28 and you have the ability to buy the National Post please pick up a copy. Otherwise, here's a preview of what you'll be missing. 

UPDATE: Here's a link to the whole thing digitally for your reading pleasure: JIGSAW'S PAGE O' FUN!
If you dig it leave comments on that page let them know you want to see more of my silly horror crap. It'll make my job more fun. 


  1. Very cool, Andrew! Is the entire article available online yet?

  2. it is now! Spread it around if you like. I won't complain

  3. Will do, magoo! Nice work, btw, I love how you turned yourself into Jigsaw.

  4. thanks! I figured it was the only way to get both myself and jigsaw into the pic.
    and thanks for spreading the word.


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