Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hawt Girl

Hawt Girl is the resident superheroine spokesmodel for Comic Oasis in Las Vegas. She was also pretty fun to draw. She was designed by Charles Holbert Jr. I've drawn her as part of an art trade with Mr. Holbert Jr. I had a lot of fun drawing this so I figured I'd show you the stages this drawing took to be completed.

Step 1. Pencil Drawing
The first stage of drawing anything, at least for me involves using pencils. I tend to use colored pencils from colerase, this time I drew using tuscan red. I usually draw in purple or tuscan red. They seem to be the least smudgy. 

Step 2. Illustrator for inking
Sometimes I like to use markers or brush and ink when I do this stage of a drawing but I felt like having the line part of the drawing be colored too so I went with illustrator. Its easier to have colored ink lines when you start with colored ink lines instead of adapting them in photoshop.

Step 3. Drawing up the background
Since I felt like handling the background slightly differently than the foreground I drew the background in with a minimum of ink style line. You’ll notice there's a weird gap in the dead zombie nazi. You’ll also notice its the same shape as Hawt Girl’s leg. I figured I didn't need to draw what was behind the leg so I didn't.

Step 4. Coloring Hawt Girl
Even though I was planning on bringing the image into photoshop to do the shading and some touch ups, I decided to laydown the base colors in illustrator. I sort of like how it looks at this stage but I really wanted to give a little more form to Hawt Girl so ...

Step 5. PHOTOSHOP painting.
This is the stage where I bring it into Photoshop and paint in some shadows and highlights and stuff. I spent some time tweaking the contrast on some of the line work and stuff like that. 


I hope you enjoyed that little peak into the stages in which I work.


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