Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Well here's my take on the dreaded "Tobonga." The Tobonga is some kind of tree monster that grows out of graves to get revenge for the people who were buried in the grave the Tobonga grew out of or something. He's from the movie "From Hell it Came". A movie full of scientists trying to help islanders who are suffering from diseases and radiation. When one the tribes shaman frames  the prince of the tribe and has him executed radiation causes the legendary figure of the Tobonga to grow out of the princes grave to seek revenge. A bunch of people are killed trying to kill the tree monster (tree monsters don't burn). Eventually science (by way of gun) is successful in putting the creature down.
I've always loved how weird the monster looks in this movie, its like the designer had never seen a tree before or something. I also looks like its not made from a very flexible material considering the awkward way the actor moves in it. Anyway dig the trailer below.


  1. Is that a little skull stuck on with bubblegum? Or a corsage? Weird but I like it.

  2. it was a skull hilted dagger stuck in just below this throbbing heart thing or something. all I know is the scientists shot the dagger to drive it through the monster's heart at the end.


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