Monday, September 5, 2011

FanExpo Fun.

So here's some of the stuff that was interesting at Fan expo. up above you'll see a photo of some sketch cards I was doodling while sitting at the table, you always need something to do in between sales and what not. I had a great time sitting next to the guys from Omake Designs, they were selling some really boss t-shirts. The son of one of them stood in front of our table staring at all my horror stuff, I figure I owe him for making people interested in my art, so "Thanks Trent!"
oh, here's some more of my sketch cards.

 Last time I was at FanExpo, I got Cassandra Peterson's Autograph, sadly she wasn't in Elvira garb, so I technically never got "Elvira's" autograph. This year she was back so I got this:
I took a quick pic of her after she signed it. Supposedly she was pretty sick the day before but she came out anyway in full Elvira regalia. She was pretty awesome to meet in character. Thanks Elvira!
And finally here's a little trivia for you. Who was the final victim of Freddy Krueger?
Give up?
It was me!
I figure since Mr. Kreuger himself, Robert England says I was his last victim (he added me to the kill count even) that makes it canon. So yep, Freddy killed me disguised as actor Robert England while I took a nap at my table in artist alley:
He seemed pretty impressed that I'd take the time to map out all the kills he committed. I gave him a copy of it too. Will from Omake Designs purchased one of these prints too and managed to get to Robert England before me and he said England was taunting Lance Henrikson (who was sitting to England's left) about how none of Henrikson's fans plotted out graphics about how many people he killed.

Anyway the con was a blast, I think I might go back next year with a book of my Monstars.

And if you're interested I've still got a couple copies of the monstars prints, the Repo Man prints, and the art book. just send me an email abarr at I'll let you know how to get 'em.

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