Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Uncle Deadly, or My Favorite Muppet

How come nobody digs Uncle Deadly? I mean the guy worked for both Vincent Price and the devil during the course of the original Muppet Show all while haunting the Muppet Theater. Not to mention he's got creepier eye's than Floyd. Any way just my two cents. You should check out the really boss muppet art that Steve Murray did for the Post recently. Image is based on stuff Steve did of the Muppets for the best Muppet battle.


  1. He's been my favorite since I saw him on the Muppet Show with Vincent Price when it first aired! I have his action figure :D

  2. Me too, Dex!! And let me just say that our boy, Deadly, steals the show in the new Muppet Movie. Only natural for an actor of his caliber :)

  3. Love Deadly, I first saw him in the new movie then became crazed by him so I went and looked up all the episodes and movies he was in. He's pretty dang cool.


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