Saturday, March 10, 2012

Went to a live WWE event ...

C M Punk once again proving why he's one of my favorites.

You could probably guess from some of my sketches I enjoy watching Wrasslin'. I got pretty bored of it in the beginning of the 21st century when everyone seemed to be and angry bald guy with a goatee in black trunks. But near the end of last year I heard about this C M Punk guy going off on how crappy the WWE was, they were his bosses, and talking about how boring wrestling had gotten. I completely agreed with him. He also talked about how he wanted to change wrestling or something. Anyway long story short I figured I'd watch a couple episodes of RAW see how different wrestling was and was surprised at how fun things seemed to have gotten again. So after not watching it for a little more than a decade I'm back into digging wrestling. Its fun so who cares.
Any way last night Leigh and I went to out first Live WWE event ever. We had floor level seats seven rows back from the ring so they were pretty good. We enjoyed ourselves enough we're looking forward to the next time we get to go see them live.
None of the matches were terrible, there was one that featured two guys I'd never heard of before and the Divas' match seemed to go on for a long time, Cena and Kane's last man standing match spent a lot of time out side the ring so it was kind of hard to see but everything else more than made up for it.
That picture at the top? Punk had a best 2 out of 3 falls match against Dolph Ziggler which was right after the Kane / Cena match were a couple of tables were broken and the ring needed cleaning.  Ziggler had a difficult time with a broom, it kept attacking him (seriously that's what was happening).  But I managed to snap this quick shot of Punk calmly sweeping up the ring apron. They went on to have one of the best if not THE best matches of the night. I wouldn't expect less from them they're amazing performers.
Anyway here's some other cool shots Leigh and I managed to grab through out the rest of the night.
Santino Marella facing off against Jack Swagger, couldn't believe how awesome this match was and it was the first one of the night! 
Chris Jericho talking about how crummy Toronto is. The crowd hates him.

Jericho taking a break from beating up on Kofi Kingston. Now the crowd loves him.

Kane waiting to see if John Cena will get up after  he hit him with a chair, sadly he did. Kane lost. boo.

Dolph Ziggler confused by how difficult it is fighting C M Punk after his difficult match with a broom.

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