Friday, April 6, 2012

Calabrese Fans dig my art alot!

So as you know probably know I've done a bunch of art for the band Calabrese I always have fun doing stuff for them and they seem to dig what I do. It looks like their fans dig it even more here's a bunch of tattoos people have gotten based on art I've done for Calabrese. Its always a little strange finding out people have things you've designed permanently emblazoned on their bodies. If you or anyone you know has any tat's based on something I've drawn be it Calabrese related or not let me know I'd like to see it.

Topless version was bound to happen I guess. 

The Bride of Calabrese seems to be the most popular. Anyway, here's some of the original art that these were based on. 
I wish this was a t-shirt, exactly like this except maybe the bat shape was glow in the dark. It was originally part of their business card. Its available as a patch in their store too.

This was under the CD tray on their first album.

Fancy glow in the dark t-shirt. The only one I've seen people wearing up here in Canada

The Famous Bride of Calabrese. I've made sure she's shown up on most of the things I've done for the band. 

You know, I'm not sure what this was done for. I still think its cool.
Oh, and I know I said if you have Calabrese tattoos I want to see them, but if you or anyone you know has a tattoo based on any of my art I wanna know about it. Make sure you swing by Calabrese's store and buy some of their stuff its all high quality and will make you look even more awesome.


  1. Yep, Calabrese is an amazing band! So cool you get to work with them.


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