Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Here's a look at Leigh and my Halloween costumes this year. We were a pair of scientist being attacked by the giant spiders we were creating. This is the first time in a while we had the opportunity to get halloweened up. We went to a friend's party. it was decorated all Twin Peaks themed but Scientists fighting spiders is 100 times cooler than small town folk who really love coffee and pie and donuts. Also I had only ever seen 5 episodes of Twin Peaks before that party. Hey, at least we came in costume.
What's that on my shoulder?

Good Lord the Spiders are loose! And they're armed!

We're doomed! Also they've got a corrosive bite!


  1. Happy Halloween! I forgot to mention at the party that if you watch the Raggedy Ann & Andy special "The Pumpkin That Couldn't Smile", you'll note the reason the old lady ruins Halloween for the little boy is because he is never allowed to have a pumpkin. And why? They attract fruit flies. Sound familiar? You don't want to be the misguided antagonist that the Raggedy gang has to work against, do you? Do you?


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