Monday, March 4, 2013

Calabrese t-shirt design: the Dead Don't Rise

I recently was asked by Bobby Calabrese of the amazing band CALABRESE to do a T-shirt to be available at their current tour with Wednesday 13. He wanted one specifically themed on their video for the song The Dead Don't Rise:

The colors on the final shirt are slightly different, and Jimmy's wearing sunglasses. I thought it was a great chance to practice drawing these guys, (yes, I've drawn them before for various bits of art for their albums) especially since I'll be working with Eric M. Esquivel on the new Calabrese comic. Look for that in October, I think.
Now just for fun here's their more recent video Ghostwolves the second DayglowNecros video:

These guys have way too much personality, don't understand why they're not burning up the charts.
Buy their albums! Support a band that's actually awesome!


  1. They're not burning up the charts because "the charts" are made for "popular" music that all sounds the same and takes minimal talent.

    1. I know, it's still nonsensical to me. talent should be rewarded, so should showmanship. I'm assuming they're as fun live.

    2. They are beyond fun! I'm sure you know from dealing with them that they're a bunch of down to earth guys and not snooty rock stars. They're always out talking to the fans before and after the show until Papa Calabrese makes them pack it up.
      I've seen a lot of concerts in my time and I have no idea how they can play as hard as they do every show.


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