Friday, February 21, 2014

My next BIG project: behind the scenes peeks. Calabrese Issue 2, character design stuff.

So over the next few months I'll be working on a new Comical Book project. Is it a new Something-A-Go-Go book? Not yet, I hope to be working on that as too. For now however lets focus on the one that I'm getting payed to do.
Way back in 2010 I had helped the band Calabrese put together a comic book based on their fantastic adventures. the book was written by Eric M. Esquivel (Blackest Terror, Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ, Legend of Oz, Loki: Ragnarok and Roll) and drawn by Dave Baker, I did a couple pieces for the inside front and back covers. It's a fun book and if you can you should by multiple copies.
Anyway flash forward to now. Eric had written a script for the second issue but Calabrese had been too busy fighting vampires, turning in to werewolves,  fighting ninjas and basically just doing all the cool stuff rock bands do in their spare time. When they realized they still hadn't put out the second issue they asked me if I could do it. I said sure. Now I'm working on the new Calabrese adventure.
Since it's going to take a while and I'll be producing a bunch of preliminary art I figure I'd share some of it here, let you see a bit of my work process. Hopefully it will get you excited to see the final comic when it's available.

Here's a look at my designs for the three brothers.
I'm not really used to doing comic books based on real people so its been a fun challenge trying to get them to look like them selves.
I'm also trying to bridge the look they had in the first issue, which  I believe this was during "They Call Us Death: CALABRESE III",  and their current "Born with a Scorpion's Touch" look mixing in a bit of the "Dayglo Necros" phase of their adventures.
Here's the brothers. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. Bobby's face is still giving me trouble but I think I'm getting closer to how I see it.
Davey's my favourite so far but I think he's going to be a pain to draw when I finally get to the actual comic. Hopefully I'll be more comfortable with the characters by then.
I'll post other characters and props and such as I do them. 
I also will be building a size comparison chart as I go so that I can keep a rough estimate in my head about the relative sizes of everyone.
I'll also be doing some random art featuring the guys and monsters and stuff just to get used to drawing them. I hope you guys enjoy seeing this stuff since I'll probably be posting a lot of it. I'll be trying to pos some more finished things too. I hope you'll continue on this adventure with me it should be pretty fun.
Believe in Rock n Roll.

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  1. Looking forward to reading this and seeing the art work. Sounds very cool.


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