Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Star Wars spin-off movie?

I've always thought the Ewoks don't get the respect they deserve as monsters. Everyone always goes on and on about how cute they are. Everyone forgets they were going to cook and eat Luke, Han, Chewie and R2 to celebrate the finding of their golden god (3PO) and welcome Princess Leia into their tribe.
Now with the new series gearing up and plans to do spin-off movies maybe we'll get a cool Ewok horror flick?
A guy can dream can't he.
Anyway I figured an ewok horror flick could follow the plot of something like Cannibal Holocaust or one of those cabin in the woods / dead teenager movies that were so popular in the '80s. So I did my own version of a poster for that based on the least disgusting of the Cannibal Holocaust posters.
as seen below.
Here's what the image looks like before I coloured it.

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