Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Bride of Calabrese listens to scary music.

You might have noticed I threw the pencils for this up yesterday. Well now its finished. I created this character for the band Calabrese as a kind of mascot for them way back when they asked me to do some art for their first big album: 13 Halloweens. Since that time I've had a pretty good time working with them on various projects and she's appeared in some form or another in the artwork for all the albums I've worked on for them.  Those are the covers for all of the Calabrese albums, I helped out on three of them.

Midnight Spook Show: I did nothing.
13 Halloweens: I did the cover art and a bunch of interior things. The Bride of Calabrese's first appearance, she's on the credit panel of the CD.
Travelling Vampire Show: I did some layout stuff on the cover and back cover, did a big centre spread of the vampire show on the inside (the bride is really small dancing in the front of the girly tent with some other freaks) and I did some artwork for the CD itself. Cover art was by one of my favorite artists Tom Bagley
Calabrese III: They Call us Death: I designed the title lettering and did some interior art and back cover art. Front cover was by another artist I admire, Eric Powell. The Bride is once again on the credit panel holding an axe and hanging out with the severed heads of the Brothers Calabrese.

The other Calabrese cover you see there is from their first comic appearance. Once again I helped out with some layout duties on the front cover. The Bride again appears on the inside credit page in a tribute to Frazetta and the inside back cover in a small role in a tribute to those sand getting kicked in your face ads you used to see in comics. She's fun to draw and I hope I get around to drawing her again.
That's your history lesson for today, I figure you didn't bother reading all this but I hope you enjoyed the picture.


  1. Very cool, Andrew- a nice "catch-all" kind of piece. I like the new blog design, very trippy. I can't wait to get off work so I can grab my 3D glasses and test it out.

    Hey- I also wanted to say thanks for grabbing a copy of the anthology, very cool of ya! :D

  2. I look forward to seeing the anthology. its gonna be rad.


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