Sunday, May 8, 2011

Drawing stuff for Charity.

I'm going to be walking in the Walk to Fight Arthritis this May 15th and I thought I'd see if I could raise some extra money for our team, my little sister's the one with arthritis and I wanna be a good older brother. You can read more about it here: Walk for Arthritis team 

For a $10 donation, I'll draw you a sketch of anything you want (no weird porn stuff tho). Cool?
it'll be a pencil drawing similar to the other pencil drawings you've seen on this blog.

Just donate here: donate and email me at abarr at  a copy of your confirmation email with a description of what you'd like a sketch of.
I'll complete each sketch in the order that I get emails.

I'll keep these commissions open until May 15, that's the day of the walk.

So, don't make me look like an idiot by having no one donate for me.

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