Friday, May 27, 2011

Zeke Deadwood and other things.

I recently read T. A. Boatwright's awesome comic Zeke Deadwood (which is available for only one dollar?!) and had to draw him again. This time I drew Megan from my comic Beach Blanket Bloodbath for laffs. Anyway you should read Zeke Deadwood, the art's awesome, the story is great, the gimmick with the wrap around story is amazing. I'm really surprised the comic's not more popular.
I can't wait for the second issue, it features a ROBOT fighting a ZOMBIE COWBOY?!
In other news. It looks like I'm now officially going to be at FanExpo at the end of August. I'll be in artist alley selling comics and prints and hopefully and Artbook of some sort. Expect more news when I know more news.
And finally. They let me draw a guy throwing up for an illustration in the National Post this weekend.
Check out this sneak peek at what they let me get away with this week.

The finished piece is much more awesome. So go buy the National Post this weekend and look for this on page WP6
You may now return to your regularly scheduled whatever it was you were doing before you looked at this blog post.


  1. Congrats on the FanExpo appearance, Andrew!

    I remember reading Zeke Deadwood awhile back... pretty good book (the art was the real draw for me). I heard there's a new one coming out soon(?).

  2. Yeah, I love Boatwright's art.


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