Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kung fu Horror

Back in college some of my pals and I spent some of our spare time working on a big weird jam comic about a time traveling cybernetic Shaolin monk cleverly named Cybermonk and his fight against a evil reanimated kung fu bad guy who suffered a mutation during his reanimation called Kotaro Fuma (featured above). The ensuing comic featured pretty much anything any of us were interested in at the time; zombies, kung fu, army guys, busty girls armed with big guns, 1950s esque sci-fi heros, time travel, monsters, robots, you get the picture. Whenever we hit 22 or so pages we'd photocopy those pages and put them together as little comic books.
The whole thing started with whoever wanted to add to it could but eventually we got too into the story and pared it down to just three of us, Kagan Mcleod, Mike Faille and me. The comic ended up being slightly more than 100 pages long and it was as nuts as you'd expect considering there was no original plan and we crammed everything we could think of in it. I miss playing around with those guys in a comic book form, but we're all too busy can't seem to be able get it together to do this kind of stupid comic book fun anymore. Being a grown up sucks.

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