Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wolverine's been in a fight ...

Couldn't think of anything to draw today so I asked Bobby Calabrese of Calabrese fame what he thought I should draw. He said "Some creature from the swamp! Or one of th X-Men! Or a space duck!" Since I've drawn swamp creatures before I decided against that. I don't remember ever drawing any of the X-Men (which is weird since that used to be my favorite comic book) I decided to draw Wolverine. Wolverine after a pretty ridiculous fight.
I don't understand why people don't draw Wolverine all messed up more often, guy's got a healing factor, he's the one popular Marvel character who can take an insane amount of damage and still be ok with it. So that's what I drew.
Why'd I ask Bobby Calabrese specifically? I've worked with his band off and on since their first Album so I figured one of those Calabrese boys might have some good ideas. Plus having read his blog and watched the video's he's made,  he seems like an alternate universe version of me who drinks and plays rock music. So who better to steal, I mean, get suggestions of what I should draw.

I also drew a Space Duck.

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