Thursday, July 18, 2013

Unnatural Order of the Three Eyed Skull: sneaky peek

What you see here is a sneak peek at the cover of the 100 page, black and white, hard-cover art book I've put together for the 2013 FanExpo in Toronto. I'm making a limited run of these, probably 25 of 'em. Each one will come with a block printed ward against monsters which should protect you from about 13% of the fiends you will discover in this book. How do you defend yourself from the other 87% of things found in the book? I don't know. Maybe by buying a copy of the art book? Sure, that's it.  Buying this art book is almost guaranteed defence against the monsters depicted in the art book. Maybe.

I figure the book's going to retail for $25, if you're interested in pre-ordering one to pick up at FanExpo drop me an e-mail. If you want to buy one at FanExpo, I'll be in artist alley table A70. If there's any books left after FanEx they'll be available through my Etsy shop.

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