Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Arthritis Walk

Hey gang, in a couple of weeks I'm taking part in an arthritis charity walk. My sister's been fighting the disease for the last 22 years and she's got the horrible kind that literally is eating her alive, so I figure since she's doing the walk I should join her, you know being the big brother and all. anyway if you have some spare money you can sponsor me for the walk here this LINK! I'd appreciate it. If you want something for your donation I'll do a drawing for donations too. just let me know if you've donated (I haven't done this before but I think the society will send me a little e-mail that says who's sponserod me so I can send a thank you e-mail) any way every little bit helps and if you're an artist you should be afraid of this disease too. again here's where you can sponsor me HERE! thanks!

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