Monday, May 17, 2010

monster beach: stage two

so here's the next stage of my drawing process, at least for this piece. I took the other sketch (it was originally about 3" across and blew it up to 17" across and then refined some of the drawing, you'll also notice I added another character to the scene. I'm sort of planning to do a series of drawings based around the great Canadian 3-D movie "the Mask" (A.K.A. Eyes from Hell, The Spooky Movie Show.) Basically what that means is I'll be doing a few drawings featuring some skulls and a weird skull mask. There might even be a few anaglyph 3-D elements.

stay tuned

I'm still doing that Arthritis Charity walk in London on the 31 of May, If you've got some spare money and want to help a good cause you can sponsor me in my walk by going to this LINK! thanks!


  1. I'm really digging this drawing! Honest! (Not just saying that like last time). I'd vacation there. Can't wait to see where you take it next. Hoping you're considering more background elements - maybe nestle the skulls into the edge of some ancient forest or something. Would be nice to see more indication of the water too.


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