Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monster Beach final

Well here's the final version of the Monster Beach pinup I've been working on. It took a lot longer than I anticipated (or wanted to work on it) but its done and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I was playing around with the new photoshop (CS5) most of the coloring was done using the new painty type brushes. I'm not sure I found them behaving any different from the standard photoshop brush but they did give the piece  some interesting texture, in my opinion. Also since I had just thrown some new memory into my mac I wanted to see how big a file it could handle and so I was working on this at an insane size (60"x 60" 600dpi) and it seemed to be working fine for the most part I ended up changing that size (a more reasonable 22" wide 300dpi) about half way through.
I did the inks in illustrator. I've been enjoying using illustrator to ink recently. Sometimes it takes longer than just regular inking and scanning but it is definately less messy.
Well I hope you enjoyed these last few posts showing my work stages. I had fun posting them, I'll probably try and do that more often.

Here's another pencil drawing, it was going to be part of the same series as this but I think I've changed my mind on what I feel like drawing. Well there you go. thanks for reading.

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