Friday, July 8, 2011

Crippled Avengers A.k.A. Return of the Five Deadly Venoms

This is my favorite line of dialog in this flick mostly because of the delivery is so weird.

Cho Chu Chang had his arms chopped off as a kid and his Dad gives him new metal ones so they can get revenge on the guy's who crippled him and killed his Mom. By the time Chu is old enough to fight his dad's already killed the guys responsible so he tells his son to cripple all the other guys who worked for the guys who chopped off his arms. Later that day they go out to dinner. The local blacksmith mouths off to them and a travelling sales man agrees with the blacksmith's statements. So the blind him, then they make the blacksmith a deaf mute, and chop off the legs of another guy who's just trying to help the black smith. Eventually a cool swordsman shows up and decides he doesn't like what Cho Chu Chang and his dad did so he confronts them. They crush his head until he's an idiot. So the blind guy, the deaf mute, the guy with no legs and the idiot go and get some kung fu training to get revenge. Its an awesome movie.  If you haven't seen it, you owe it to yourself.


  1. When you put the plot that way, how has this not been remade today? I can't believe that's a real line from the movie.

  2. Its even delivered that way. weird pause just before the shoots darts line. the movie is so much more awesome than I remembered.


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