Monday, July 18, 2011

SOMETHING A GO GO the art book!

I've got my books for the fan expo. If you're interested in one and aren't going to be at the con or just want to get something before everyone else I'm offering a few of these early through the mail.
If you're interested drop me an e-mail at abarr at I'll let you know if any are still available.
How much do they cost you ask? I'll be selling these for $35 (canadian) that includes shipping. at the con they'll be $25 since I don't have to ship them. They'll eventually be available through, but the big difference between these convention books and what you'd get from lulu is these will be a limited edition run. Each of these copies will have a sketch in the back. What will the sketch be of? well that's the fun part. You choose just tell me what character you'd like me to draw and I'll draw it.
I'll also be offering some prints at the con these will also be available through the mail once the con's over. I'm also offering a small package of my Something-a-go-go comics and older sketcbooks for $35 as well (covering the shipping but if you buy the comics and the artbook you can have the whole thing for $50)
That's all for now.
See you in the Future!

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