Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fan Expo 2011: the artbook

What's that you ask? Well I'll tell ya. Its the cover for the artbook I'll be selling at the Fan Expo at the end of August in Toronto. If you're in town and like all that crazy nerdy stuff you should swing by my table and buy some art and comics and stuff. This book will be there and its 68 pages of monsters, girls, comics and other crazy stuff that I did in my spare time. If you like looking at this blog you'll probably dig the book too. As an added bonus these will be a limited run as I'll be drawing something in the back of the ones I'll be selling at the convention. After the convention you'll still be able to buy the book but it won't have any bonus art in it since those copies won't be in handled by me at all. More details on that later.
What's that you won't be able to make the convention and you want one of these limited run weird mind destroying books? I'll be making 5 copies available pre-convention that you can buy. It'll cost you $35 bucks and you'll have to tell me what you want drawn in it. How can you get one? Swing by my website hit the contact button and send me an e-mail saying you want one and I'll give you the rest of the details. How's that sound? Yeah that's right, it sounds awesome. Thanks.


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