Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jason's Body Count.

I recently noticed this info graphic I did for the National Post  with the assistance of my pal Mike Faille has been touring the internet again. Due to its recent popularity I received an email from Larry Zerner, Shelly from Part 3-D, pointing out we got his sex wrong. since he’s such a nice guy and Shelly’s the reason Mr. Voorhees wears a hockey mask I figured I’d correct the mistake. So, here’s to you Mr. Zerner, you are now a man again.
note: he also pointed out we got Fox wrong too.

Udate: Compare to Michael Myers: Halloween.
            Compare to Freddy Kreuger: A Nightmare on Elm Street


  1. Thanks. I feel so much better now.

    P.S. Can we get one for Nightmare on Elm Street?

  2. brilliant. Can I get a poster of this?
    --Jason Voorhees

  3. I think you left a few kills out. In Friday the 13th - A New Beginning....Tina and Eddie go off into the woods to have sex. Ethel's farmhand Raymond (Sonny Shields) is killed while spying on Tina and Eddie. After sex, Eddie retreats to wash off in the creek and Tina is murdered when a pair of hedge shears plunge into her eyes. Eddie returns and finds her dead, only to have his head crushed against a tree by a leather strap. Didn't see those reflected anywhere on here. Just saying....

  4. Anonymous 2: Jason didn't do those killings, Fake Jason did. I'm only counting Jason Voorhees' kills.

  5. Looks like nothing happened to Vicki. :-/

  6. Yes, if the creator checks this again someday, I also noticed that there was no trauma to Vicki from Part 2. In the film, her death scene is from Jason't point of view, one of his hands is directly in front of the camera holding a butcher knife (you can see a black spot/dried blood? under his thumbnail), there's flases of lightning, and the camera comes up to Vicki's terrified face. It appears that he stabs her in the chest or abdomen but is not directly shown (counts off Offscreen maybe?).

    1. we figure there was no way to tell what Jason did to her so its possible she was just scared to death. its a cop out but that's what I'm going to stick with.


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