Thursday, August 4, 2011

Monstars: Army of Darkness (1992)

Good ol' Bad Ash. I don't understand why people keep calling him Evil Ash, he calls himself Bad Ash when he introduces himself to that little goody-two-shoes Ash. Any how I've seen this movie way too often. Actually saw it in the theater back in '92. I'm afraid I think its lost a bit of its coolness in light of every nerd in the world deciding its the greatest movie ever (its not as good as Evil Dead 2) but I still think it was pretty cool. I still wish Raimi got his way and called it Medieval Dead or at least Evil Dead 3: The Army of Darkness.
I'm not going to bother posting a trailer since I'm pretty sure everyone's seen it by now.
ok. The End.


  1. *claps*

    You really got his "bad" side. ;)

  2. ha ha! thanks. I'm pretty sure that I'll be putting together a couple of 11X 17 prints of all the monstars I'll have done for the Toronto Comic convention near the end of the month and then eventually I think I might put together an all Monstars art book.


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