Monday, August 8, 2011

Monstars: They Live (1988)

They Live ... we  sleep! I've always been a fan of this movie. May not have understood the whole political angle the first time I saw it (I was a kid, leave me alone) but really liked it from the first time I saw it.
With FanExpo only a couple of weeks away I'm starting to get all the prints and stuff I'm planning on selling together and printed. I've got a series of four Monstars prints that I just finished up yesterday featuring 89 years of movie monstars starting with Nosferatu and ending with Hobo with a Shotgun's the Plague. I'll post a preview of them soon. The prints will be 11 X 17 and feature roughly 25 monstars per page. I've still got a couple of the ART BOOK s available to anyone interested.

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