Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Monstars: 1922-2011. How many can you recognize?

 FanExpo tomorrow. I'm gathering up all the art and comics and stuff I'll be taking so I thought I'd share share this. A full set of Monstars that covers a bunch of Sci-Fi and horror movies from 1922–2011 that's almost 90 years of creeps (strangely most of them seem to have come from the 1980's) this isn't the end of drawing up Monstars, I'm planning on expanding the series (monsters from the 50's aren't represented enough) by doing some of my favorite movie heroes. Until then enjoy this small version of the collection, I'll have prints available at the Convention swing by if you want one.

The End.


  1. Man that's a lot of MONSTARS Andrew... I can't decide which ones are my favorite!

  2. I knew all but two of them! Thanks for the amazing prints. Happy to have met you in person.

    - Trevor Henderson

  3. I can't figure out the three guys before HAL 1000 [the artist,the zombie,and the alien with the big red eye. I also can't figutre out the guy before Jaws[wearing white mask and black uniform. I also can't figure out the guy in between leslie vernon and jeepers creepers.

    1. you mean, Adam Sorg (color me Blood Red), Lt. Douglas (monster a go go), Green Slime (green slime), Winslow Leech (Phantom of the Paradise), Big Daddy (Land of the Dead)?

  4. Who is the guy beetween the creature and tobonga? He looks like Gort.


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